The Studies and Researches on Ancient History (SCIV) journal has started appearing in 1950, answering the need for dissemination of Romanian research results in the fields of ancient history, epigraphy and numismatics in national and international academic environment. Since 1974, the journalís profile is more clearly defined, by the explicit addition of the field of archeology to its previous name, thus converted to Studies and Researches on Ancient History and Archeology (SCIVA).

Through its scientific content, SCIVA contributed over the years, both to clarify certain aspects of the ancient history of Romania, as well as to its integration into European and Eurasian history.

Currently, SCIVA journal publishes papers on ancient history, archeology, epigraphy, numismatics, architecture and urbanism, art history, history of archeology, research methodology, and complementary studies, carried out by means of interdisciplinary sciences (bio- and earth sciences) or archaeometrical approach. The chronological frame spans from Paleolithic to Middle Ages.

By publishing, along with specific studies, of annual chronicles for various research areas, as well as summaries of recent PhD theses or critical reviews and evocations of personalities who have contributed substantially to knowledge development of ancient and medieval world in Romania, the journal SCIVA has become the main communicator of achievements and events in the fields concerned.

According to their extent, the articles accepted for publication shall be distributed among the following sections:

-           Studies (25-40 pages)
-           Notes and discussion (10-20 pages)
-           Minor findings (5-15 pages)
-           Chronicle (5-15 pages)

-           PhD theses abstracts (7-12 pages)

-           Personalia (3-10 pages)
-           Reviews (5-10 pages)
-           Bibliographical notes (1-3 pages)


Originally planned as a quarterly publication, SCIVA journal has undergone difficult times over the last two decades as a result of political, economic and institutional changes occurred in Romania since 1989, which affected its regular release. At present, thanks to the efforts of the Editorial Board, the journal has an annual issue, split into two fascicles (1-2) and (3-4).