Informations for authors Reviewing procedure Publishing Guidelines



Informations for authors

 Works submitted to publication and any further correspondence should be addresssed to:

Executiv director, Studii şi cercetări de istorie veche şi arheologie
Institutul de Arheologie „Vasile Pârvan” al Academiei Române
Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 13, cam. 332
, 050711 Bucureşti, sector 5

 Deadline and submission conditions

Complete articles (including artwork), accompanied by a letter and a cover sheet from the author, should be proposed for publication in electronic form and a printed copy, no later than May 1 of each year. In his letter the author should mention explicitly that the work was not subject to another publication.

 The cover sheet should include information about the author and his affiliation, the article’s title and extension, the writing and submission times (a-f). It should provide, also, a schedule of the component parts of the manuscript, with references to corresponding pages (1-10), as follows:   

Information for the proposal submission (a-f)


Author’s name



Author’s private address, e-mail and phone




(institution with all contact details, including  electronic)




(indicating the total number of pages)



time of writing



time of submission to the Editor


Manuscript description (1-10)











Abbreviations list



Abstract; max. 10 lines; Romanian



Keywords; max. seven; Romanian



Captions list to artwork; Romanian



Abstract; max. two pages; English, French, German, Italian or Spanish



Keywords; max. seven; same  language as the abstract



Captions list to artwork; same  language as the abstract


Whether an article is written in a foreign language, its components (5-7) must be in the same language, while its components (8-10) in Romanian.

 The text should be written in Times New Roman 12, single-spaced, left aligned and should not exceed a maximum of 3 500 characters (including spaces) per A4 page format. The beginning of a new paragraph should be indicated by a first line indentation. Pagination of all work should be continuous. The footnotes should be concise and continuously numbered consecutively. The contact details of the author should be registered before the first note, and will be indicated by an asterisk.

Artwork may consist of drawings and photographs. SCIVA does not publish color illustration, but exceptionally. For black and white images, grayscale images with a resolution of 300 dpi will be regarded as acceptable. In order to prevent any editing errors and to ensure correspondence between it and its caption lists, it is desirable for authors to submit already designed artwork.

 Prior to submission, authors are kindly asked to carefully check the manuscript, ensuring the existence of all its component parts, the correlation between text and artwork or tables, as well as the completeness of the footnotes and of the abbreviations list.

 While preparing their papers for publication, authors are strongly recommended to follow the guidelines already published in SCIVA 61, 3-4, 2010, 393-405 (Norme de redactare a manuscriselor) and here. The Editor may not accept incomplete or inaccurate works.