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Studii și Cercetări de Istorie Veche și Arheologie (SCIVA) publishes original papers. Respect for professional deontology, ethics and integrity in research and writing are essential conditions for manuscripts to be accepted and published in the pages of our journal. SCIVA strongly rejects plagiarism.


The authors will declare: 1) that the manuscript is their original work, that it has not been previously published and that it is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere; 2) any conflict of interest; 3) the funding sources used for conducting the research and/or preparing the article, if applicable. If the work, ideas, and/or words of other authors have been used in the manuscript, they will be properly cited. The authors have the obligation to report any error or inaccuracy discovered in the published article and to collaborate with the members of the Editorial Board to publish the necessary correction, retraction, etc., as appropriate.


The Editorial Board 1) will keep confidential the information related to the manuscripts received for publication and all discussions with reviewers; 2) will select reviewers who have appropriate expertise; 3) will ask all authors of the manuscript for the publication agreement; 4) will evaluate the manuscripts suspected of plagiarism, and if the plagiarism proves to be real, these papers will be rejected; 5) will collaborate with the authors to correct the significant errors or inaccuracies observed after the publication of the paper (in the next issue of the journal).


The reviewers 1) will inform the Editorial Board of the SCIVA journal regarding any conflict of interest; 2) will evaluate the manuscripts using explicit criteria; 3) have the obligation to bring to the attention of the Editorial Board any similarity between the evaluated manuscript and any other published paper; 4) will not contact the authors without permission from editor-in-chief; 5) will keep confidential all information related to the manuscript and will not use it for personal advantage.