Studies and Research on Ancient History and Archeology
journal of the Vasile Pârvan Institute of Archaeology of the Romanian Academy



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According to their content, the manuscripts accepted for publication will be distributed among the following sections ( pdf document.):

-           Studies (25-40 pages)
-           Notes and discussion (10-20 pages)
-           Minor findings (5-15 pages)
-           Chronicle (5-15 pages)
-           PhD theses abstracts (7-12 pages)
-           Personalia (3-10 pages)
-           Reviews (1-10 pages)

General recommendations:


1. Times New Roman font, size 12, singlespaced, A4 page size (.doc, .docx or .rtf file).
2. Every paper should have an abstract (no longer than 250 words) and a list of keywords (no more than seven) in Romanian and English (as well as in the language of the paper, if this language is not Romanian or English).
3. In the case of larger studies (over 15 pages), to facilitate the presentation, the authors can divide their text on chapters and subchapters, highlighted by numbering and/or subtitles.


1. Footnotes should be concise and numbered consecutively.
2. References will include the author’s name, year, page (e.g., Suceveanu 2009, p. 175). In case of two or more papers of the same author published in the same year, the distinction will be made by adding a letter (e.g., Gill 1988a; Gill 1988b). For papers/volumes with four or more authors, after the name of the first author should be added et alii.
3. We suggest the use of the abbreviations as listed in the previous issues of Studii ºi Cercetãri de Istorie Veche ºi Arheologie (see also SCIVA 46, 3-4, 1995).



The list will contain two columns. The first one will mention the name of the author(s) and the year of publication. The second column will contain the complete citation of the submission, mentioning in order: the name and surname (abbreviated by the initial) of the author(s), the title of the paper, the place of publication, the year. The list will be organized alphabetically, by the name of the author/first author.


Alexandrescu 1978                  P. Alexandrescu, Histria. IV. La céramique grecque archaïque et classique, Bucureºti, 1978.

Bernabò Brea, Cavalier 1959 L. Bernabò Brea, M. Cavalier, Mylai, Novara, 1959.

Hansen 1992                           S. Hansen, Depozite ca ofrandã: o contribuție la interpretarea descoperirilor de depozite din perioada timpurie a UFZ, SCIVA 43, 4, 1992, p. 371–392.

Huth 2016                               C. Huth, Gifts from the Gods. A new look at some weapons and vessels from the Metal Ages, în C.A. Murray (ed.), Diversity of Sacrifice. Form and Function of Sacrificial Practices in the Ancient World and Beyond, New York, 2016, p. 49–64.

Robiolla, Blengino,

Fiaud 1998                              L. Robbiola, J.-M. Blengino, C. Fiaud, Morphology and mechanisms of formation of natural patinas on archaeological Cu-Sn alloys, Corrosion Science 40, 12, 1998, p. 2083–2111.


1. All figures, labelled with sequentially numbered captions, should be referred to in the text.

2. The list of captions should be included at the end of the text, in Romanian and English (but also in the language of the article, if this language is not Romanian or English).

3. The illustration can be designed both as onepage plates, and as smaller figures that can be included in the text.

4. Effective page size is 19 x 13.5 cm. The authors are asked to consider these dimensions when designing the illustration, and also to leave space for the explanation for each figure.

5. Illustration should be submitted as JPEG or TIFF formats, at minimum 300 dpi resolution.

6. Tables should be submitted as editable text (.doc, .docx or .rtf file) and not as images.


For more details, see SCIVA 61, 3-4, 2010, p. 393-405.