Studies and Research on Ancient History and Archeology
journal of the Vasile Pârvan Institute of Archaeology of the Romanian Academy



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The journal uses a single-blind peer review procedure.

Within one month following the closing date for submission, the collected articles are subject to review within the editorial board and beyond. For each of them at least two reports will be drawn up, containing assessments of the compatibility of the article with the journal profile, of the relevance of the topic for the field concerned, of the originality of the research undertaken and of its outcomes, as well as eventual suggestions regarding improvements. Each report will conclude with one of the following recommendations: 1) acceptance of the article as presented, 2) acceptance of the article after carrying out amendments proposed by reviewer, 3) rejection of the article.

After receiving the reviews (drawn up within a period of no more than six weeks), the Editor informs the authors about the decision to accept or reject the article, on the basis of reviewers' comments. The Editor will ask authors to undertake the suggested changes, within the following four weeks. In case the authors exceed the time allowed for improvement of articles, their publication will be postponed to the next issue.